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The history of nougat

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nougat la LINOISEFor now, no one knows the exact date when nougat was created. However, we know that since Antiquity, this candy has been produced in the Orient and called "haloua" or "halwa", which comes from the word "hlou" meaning "sweet". At the time, nougat was basically composed of sugar, pistachio, orange floral water and vanilla.

Beginning in the 17th century, nougat was imported into France, more precisely to Marseille. During this period, Marseille had the monopoly of nougat production for a long time under the name "nux gatum", which translates as "walnut cake". At the end of the 17th century and thanks to widespread almond production led by Olivier de Serre in the region around Montélimar, nougat-making was extended to Montélimar. This evolution marked the transition from the previous use of walnuts and pine nuts in favor of almonds.

At present, nougat is produced in a number of French regions and typically contains the following ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, almonds, egg whites, and honey.